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Proudly serving Kernersville, NC and the surrounding area since 2000

Proudly serving Kernersville, NC and the surrounding area since 2000

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Review Date: 04/23/2020 | Author: Christina M.

Comments: Superior service. My grass is beautiful and lush year round and neighbors are always complimentary.

Review Date: 04/14/2020 | Author: Jo J.

Comments: You could not go wrong with Total Lawn Care. The owner is a total gem. He makes sure that what you want done is complete and satisfactory to the customer. If he says him team will be happens. Totally satisfied with Total Lawn Care.

Review Date: 03/26/2020 | Author: Morgan E.

Review Date: 11/30/2019 | Author: Mike B.

Review Date: 08/04/2019 | Author: Rhonda I.

Comments: Prompt service, reasonable prices

Review Date: 04/05/2019 | Author: Don N.

Comments: Good job on a timely basis

Review Date: 03/29/2019 | Author: Virgil S.


Review Date: 09/09/2018 | Author: Pam D.

Comments: Absolutely thrilled with my new landscaped yard! Shea, the owner, is phenomenal with his skills of advising on the best types of plants and bushes that would be easy to maintain and beautiful and unique from my neighbors. He is skilled with pointing out plants and bushes that compliments your home, yard layout, heights of growth, the colors, ease of maintenance AND he installed self irrigation systems in all the new plant and bush beds! Other landscapers do not go the extra mile like total Lawn Care. His workers were always on time set everything up laid everything out and fully involves the homeowners to get your approval before they plant . They did a fantastic job with the driveway and the plant bed stone pavers. Iíve received so many compliments from my neighbors! I am so happy that I went with this company and will never use anyone else. He stays in close contact with you giving you updates throughout the whole process from getting everything ordered coming out to your home checking the lines placement of utilities everything all the way down to the final details If you are in need of an expert landscaper or any lawn care specialist this is the one you will not be sorry for using. There seems to be such a shortage of honest, reliable service providers such as this one that has the passion of striving to make the customer happy and doing what they love. Kudos to Total Lawn Care for the excellent landscaping job they did for me and so many others!!!

Review Date: 06/05/2018 | Author: Jim H.

Comments: Had a really great experience with this pro and highly recommend!

Review Date: 04/21/2018 | Author: Phil S.

Comments: good job

Review Date: 04/09/2018 | Author: Ella G.

Comments: I just couldnít keep up my yard along with everything else I had going on. So I started looking for a service. All the lawn services that I was familiar with was completely booked so I decided to give home advisor a try. Total lawn service came out and got the job done and they did a nice job. They are going to take care of my yard for me and I really appreciate that. Thanks to all who worked on my yard !

Review Date: 03/14/2018 | Author: Sarrah L.

Comments: Shea and his crew were amazing. He was able to come here and give us a quote quickly, the crew started the clean up within a few days, and the price was very reasonable. Tony, his lead guy, was very professional and helpful. We did a walk around in the beginning and at the end. Both Shea and Tony triple checked the completed work to make sure nothing was missed. We have several other projects lined for them. Highly recommended!

Review Date: 02/27/2018 | Author: Stormie B.

Comments: The estimate was done promptly. Communication kept throughout the process. They showed up to work when they said they would and worked efficiently. Did a nice job overall. The team was very easy to work with and very friendly. I will use them again for our next project.

Review Date: 01/28/2018 | Author: Joan P.

Comments: Very prompt in giving estimate. Completed work promptly. Did good job, nice/friendly employees. Will use again.

Review Date: 01/10/2018 | Author: Jay S.

Comments: Timely and efficient.

Review Date: 10/19/2017 | Author: Vernon L.

Comments: They were timely and did a great job.

Review Date: 10/01/2017 | Author: Eric S.

Review Date: 09/18/2017 | Author: Maria C.

Review Date: 09/14/2017 | Author: Bev B.

Comments: Professional job. Friendly crew. Enjoyed working with them. Great value service.

Review Date: 07/20/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: I didn&apos;t give them 5 stars, they haven&apos;t served my property yet. But the customer service was excellent, and I&apos;m very sure they will do wonderful work.

Review Date: 07/02/2017 | Author: Carole G.

Comments: Be with them during the whole process. Had to request: that they fill in holes dug in wrong area, spreading of the root ball before planting, what would be the ultimate size for spacing. To their positives: the plants were large and healthy, they put in a drip water line, the installers were not given any information on the plants, this company is new and eager to please. If you stay with them they will do a wonderful job. I would hire them again with those stipulations.

Review Date: 06/16/2017 | Author: Nikita M.

Comments: They helped us get our yard ready for putting our house on the market. They were awesome!

Review Date: 06/14/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: We were in a pickle, having signed on a home where the previous owners had left the yard in an overgrown mess... our yard tools were still being stored back in the town we moved from, and I didn&apos;t want our new neighbors to think we were gross yard keepers... so I got on Home Advisor and checked out the yard pros in our area. Not only did these guys do a great job, they did it that same day!!!! Outstanding service! : )

Review Date: 05/02/2017 | Author: Ronnie P.

Comments: I have been very pleased with Total Lawn Care, and would highly recommend their service to anyone..They are truly a professional and friendly lawn care specialist..Simply the best!

Review Date: 04/24/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Excellent experience from estimate to hire.

Review Date: 04/21/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Review Date: 04/12/2017 | Author: Barbar H.

Comments: I rated quality a 3 because I have only just stared using them, but based on everything I have experienced so far I would say they will rate close to a 5

Review Date: 03/02/2017 | Author: Deb G.

Comments: Very pleased with the work. Can definitely recommend them!

Review Date: 02/05/2017 | Author: Dock B.

Comments: will use again!

Review Date: 11/17/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great customer service! Will definitely use this company in the future.

Review Date: 10/01/2016 | Author: Steve E.

Comments: good work ,friendly

Review Date: 10/01/2016 | Author: Mary P.

Comments: Did a great job, will use them again!

Review Date: 09/29/2016 | Author: Mike B.

Comments: Shea is great at follow up with emails and return phone calls. I had shrubs trimmed, trees trimmed, mulch put in, beds weeded, and some pressure washing was also done. The work crew never did finish the job because they missed a few weeds, so that&apos;s the reason I couldn&apos;t give them a 5, but they did good at whatever was completed.

Review Date: 09/17/2016 | Author: John and judy B.

Comments: This was a hot, dirty time consuming job and I knew that it was going to be unpleasant. They removed all of the black mulch which I determined after a couple of months that I hated. It smelled bad and grew mold better than anything else. They replaced it with new, fresh, brown pine bark mulch and tidied up the yard. I will use them again when I encounter a job that I can&apos;t tackle.

Review Date: 08/22/2016 | Author: David B.

Comments: Fast and professional service. I will definitely use Total Lawn Care again.

Review Date: 05/27/2016 | Author: Marta R.

Comments: Very professional from the initial appointment to the service provided.

Review Date: 05/14/2016 | Author: Leah K.

Comments: Quick and on time

Review Date: 03/15/2016 | Author: Ursula M.

Comments: While our property did not need mowed for a couple of weeks. I was pleases to learn that the owner will be my go-to maintence person I hope for years to come. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. His price is more than fair, and I will be using him for many more projects.

Review Date: 10/16/2015 | Author: Kevin C.

Comments: Brian Goins and his crew did an excellent job!

Review Date: 09/27/2015 | Author: Ken F.

Comments: Shea helped me out of a very tight schedule conflict with prompt and accommodative service at a fair price. I will recommend his service to others..

Review Date: 09/24/2015 | Author: Fern W.

Comments: Shea called me back immediately and set up a time. He and his team showed up on time. They did the job quickly and I am very satisfied with their work. They keep their word, do great work and are fair priced. I highly recommend them.

Review Date: 09/17/2015 | Author: Gwyn M.

Comments: Shea and his crew are always very professional and do great work. He shows up when he tells you he will and has gone above and beyond each time he has taken care of my yard. He is fairly priced and knowledgeable about lawn care and landscaping. I highly recommend Shea and Total Lawn Care!

Review Date: 09/17/2015 | Author: Lauren H.

Comments: Shea and his crew did a great job on our yard. Also is very friendly and honest. Highly recommend!

Review Date: 08/02/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Shea follows though with his employee&apos;s work to make sure everything is on schedule and satisfactory.

Review Date: 06/05/2015 | Author: Paul H.

Comments: Shea&apos;s team does a good job . Shea is eager to get the job done right .

Review Date: 04/15/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great experience Shea will work you

Review Date: 04/11/2015 | Author: Dennis A.

Comments: A pleasure to do business with.

Review Date: 04/05/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Honest

Review Date: 12/19/2014 | Author: Joshua I.

Comments: Shea and his team were great to work with and did a fantastic job. Don&apos;t hesitate to call on them for next big yard project

Review Date: 10/31/2014 | Author: William H.

Comments: Shea Goins is a good guy, I am lucky to have found him.

Review Date: 08/29/2014 | Author: Roger H.

Comments: Very good communication. Very courteous. Promptly met my lawn need.

Review Date: 07/12/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Responded quickly and got the job done fast!

Review Date: 06/28/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Shea is very personable, and gives great advice. He is helpful in giving money saving advice as well :) we are very happy with his service..

Review Date: 06/11/2014 | Author: Howard S.

Comments: Very dependable, professional service. We are very pleased with the mowing and lawn care. Would definitely recommend.

Review Date: 06/04/2014 | Author: Jennifer O.

Comments: Very dependable, professional lawn care company! We are very pleased with the service thus far - would very much recommend!

Review Date: 05/15/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Look forward to a long relationship

Review Date: 04/13/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very professional service. Took time to listens to our needs and concerns regarding our lawn. Completed project in a timely manner at estimate provided. Honest, friendly, professional, affordable . We plan to continue to use Shea and his Total Lawn care team!

Review Date: 04/09/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Excellent customer service...friendly, honest, dependable, and responsive.

Review Date: 03/20/2014 | Author: Alohalani P.

Comments: Excellent Customer Service and job well done. Shay is very timely in completing the work and the quality of work is outstanding. His pricing is fair. I will continue to use Total Lawn Care for my lawn care needs. If you hire Shay and his crew you will not be disappointed-I promise:-)

Review Date: 03/13/2014 | Author: Julie B.

Comments: Fast and friendly service! They cleaned out all the mess left behind by our previous landscaping company. I plan to use Shay and crew moving forward.

Review Date: 06/09/2013 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Shay and crew were great. They listened to our needs, offered recommendations and kept costs down. They worked with our schedule and were very professional. We are very pleased with the outcome and will have Total Lawn Care provide future services for us as we have need.

Review Date: 04/12/2013 | Author: Pat R.

Comments: Very professional job, timely and took care of the small details that matter. This was a job to cut up and haul off tree (s) that had fallen at my parent&apos;s house, cleanup the yard and mow the lawn. Easy to work with, very timely and very concerned about the quality of work. Thumbs Up!

Review Date: 04/11/2013 | Author: Chris A.

Comments: Professional and on time. Good prices and I plan to continue to use them.

Review Date: 03/15/2013 | Author: Kern W.

Comments: Shea did what he said he would do in a timely manner, he also answered all my inquiries about lawn care, tree trimming and areation. One thing I thought was instrumental in my decision was his comment, If you see anything we missed, calll and I will come back out and correct. I was impressed since he called me back and wanted to know if everything was satisfactory, I mentioned the one flower bed he had missed, he came back and corrected the situation. I would reccommend Shea (Total Lawn Care) to anyone nedding yard work done on time and at a reasonable price.

Review Date: 08/18/2012 | Author: Michell S.

Comments: Triad stump grinding did an excellent job for us. They were fast, friendly, courteous and cleaned up after their job. Would highly recommend.

Review Date: 08/03/2012 | Author: Mary V.

Comments: Love this service and Shea is the best. His team is very professional, courteous and prompt. His pricing is also very fair. We will continue to use Total Lawn Care for lawn maintenance and for other lawn care issue.

Review Date: 07/02/2012 | Author: Jim M.

Comments: Excellent service. Thank you.

Review Date: 06/12/2012 | Author: Farrell M.

Comments: This company is friendly, professional and does a thorough job. I will hire them again.

Review Date: 06/08/2012 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Contacted me immediately and came out to provide an estimate. Arrived at the time arranged and provided efficient lawn service.

Review Date: 04/12/2012 | Author: Judy S.

Comments: Fast and knowledgeable service at a good value. Professionals in every way.

Review Date: 04/07/2012 | Author: Ron S.

Comments: Would recomend to anyone!!! Very satisfied

Review Date: 03/29/2012 | Author: Allan J.

Comments: They are very dependable. They are always on time. They do very good work.